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    Designer Eyeglasses | David Spencer Eyewear

    Eyeglasses | David Spencer EyewearDavid Spencer Eyewear is the ultimate style realization of a journey born in the heart of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The son of a successful optometrist, David has been surrounded by eyewear his entire life. He found his passion for eyewear design by owning and operating Specs, a high-end optical store on Hennepin Avenue, home of the Minneapolis arts and cultural scene and the affluent Kenwood neighborhood. The store gained national attention for their unique brand offerings and outstanding customer experience. Seeing a gap in the eyewear industry firsthand and inspired by the vibrant and artistic community around him, David began designing new groundbreaking eyewear and launched his own optical line in 1991. His designs sold into thousands of stores worldwide.

    Years later, David’s designs have set the style tone for modern eyewear. With an eye to the future, he and his team are proud to present the first ever dedicated David Spencer Eyewear collection. Each frame in the collection is hand-designed, starting with sketches and color concepts that David personally draws and then directs and oversees during production. Made in Japan, each frame represents a completed design a lifetime in the making.

    Since his humble beginnings, David has continued his passion of providing superior hand-crafted eyewear, delivering the best in innovative shape, form, materials and colors, and outstanding customer service. These core values of David Spencer Eyewear are the heart of the brand and will always stay true.

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