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    Leopard Blue/Blue 1110Leopard Blue/Blue 1110Leopard Blue/Blue 1110Glacier Shadows 5049Glacier Shadows 5049Glacier Shadows 5049Moon Shadows 5050Moon Shadows 5050Moon Shadows 5050Sand Shadows 5051Sand Shadows 5051Sand Shadows 5051Frost Shadows 5052Frost Shadows 5052Frost Shadows 5052Leopard Teal/Tortoise 1039Leopard Teal/Tortoise 1039Leopard Teal/Tortoise 1039Leopard Purple/Tortoise 1040Leopard Purple/Tortoise 1040Leopard Purple/Tortoise 1040Leopard Green/Navy 1041Leopard Green/Navy 1041Leopard Green/Navy 1041
    PRODUCT CODE: N/A  MATERIAL: Acetate SIZE: A 54 | B 36 | BRIDGE 15 | TEMPLE 140 BRAND: David Spencer Eyewear

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    Premium Packaging

    Each frame includes a protective genuine leather case and microfiber cleaning cloth.